Looking to Hire a Design Champ!

Do you dream about the kerning between letters, or the hexadecimal color value of a blueish green? Do you feel spiritually centered, when all your objects are snapped to a grid, or when a headline is perfectly left aligned? Do you sometimes find yourself trying to “command z,” or undo real life mistakes?

We have a group home that’s right for you! At Madison|Mott, our baby-step program, helps even the most talented and obsessed creatives find peace. Our open studio environment allows the right brain inclined folks to interact with other creatives, and even some normal folks, in a safe place, assuring a gradual transition from the shock of other agencies.

We’re looking for someone who:

• Is still reading this job posting.
• Can design their way out of a cardboard box.
• Would rather read a Communication Arts annual than anything from Oprah’s Book Club.
• Knows what Communication Arts is without googling it.
• Would consider naming their triplets Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Though that last one might me a little tough. Could call her “Indie.” Just a thought.
• Is great with type.
• Can design a postcard and a website in the same day, for different clients.
• Knows a thing or two about the Book of Face.
• Has a smartphone.
• Has a college degree or something that resembles a really well-designed fake degree.
• Still reading? Email us.

Luke & Kristen

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