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Luke Scott
Founder & CEO / My utopia is outdoors

Good at copywriting
Bad at making copies

Good at kind gestures
Bad at hand gestures

Good at talking
So so at translating

Good at parallel paths
Better at parallel parking

Good at running
Better at running the business

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Kristyn Shayon Miller
Chief Operating Officer / My utopia is now

Good at strategy
Bad at Stratego

Good at herding cats
Better at training dogs

Good at project management
So so at playlist management

Good at horses
Bad at horsing around

Good at being matriarchal
Better at being a Momma

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Brian Grabell
Chief Creative Director / My utopia is drawing

Good at creative direction
So so at creatively directing traffic

Good at drawing
Bad at winning lottery drawings

Good at ping pong
So so at synchronized paddling

Good with Androids
Bad with actual droids

Good at typing
Better at type

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Joe Giampaoli
Junior Designer / My Utopia is Bagel King

Good at photography
So so at bibliographies

Good at sketching
Bad at being sketchy

Good at ultimate frisbee
So so at ultimate fighting

Good with cutting video
Bad with cutting a rug

Good at subtle signs
Better at graphic design

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Scott Andersen
Chief Technical Officer / My utopia is in the cloud

Good at programming
Bad at watching TV programs

Good at searching through engines
Better at Search Engine Optimization

Good at being an Eagle Scout
Bad at scouting for eagles

Good with databases
So so at running the actual bases

Good with content management systems
Better at managing systems

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Ben Henson
Developer / My utopia is walkable

Good at coding
Bad at decoder rings

Good at critical thinking
So so at critical breakfast choices

Good at developing response forms
Better at responsive development

Good at solving cross-browser errors
So so at solving crossword puzzles

Good at using lots of devices
Better at designing for user experience

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Elise Lombardo
Accountant / My utopia is in a garden

Good with a calculator
So so with an abacus

Good at online banking
Better at actual banking

Good at Quickbooks
So so at booking quickly

Good at computing profit & loss
Bad at computational physics

Good at managing payroll
Better at making dinner rolls

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Kristyn (KSM)
Kristen Briner

After 15 years of co-owning and running the agency, Kristen has moved on to mother a much younger human being, her son Brooks.

Though she still consults, her main focus at the moment is child-proofing — Brooks is learning to walk already! We wish Kristen and our future intern nothing but the best. Life is a beautiful thing.

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Anne-Marie Tartaglia
MM Fan Club President

Our long-time Account Director finally decided to follow her true passion, and recently opened a Dunkin’ Donuts that only sells medium regular coffees. Kidding. Motivated by her most important role as a mom, AM made a career change to ensure she’s there for her daughter, Sophia, when she gets off the kindergarten bus. While we’re psyched for her new title, we’ll forever miss her sass and her can-do attitude.

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Mr. Moonhead
The Face That Started It All

My father and I started this company together, back in 1999. Originally, it was called “dogsname,” after a long-running family joke about a Girl Scout telling me Luke was a dog’s name. Maybe it is.

Anyway, my dad passed unexpectedly the year after we started the business, just months after the birth of my eldest son. We eventually changed the name, but have held onto the idea that this is a still a family business. Our staffers and clients are all part of that family.

My father was also a big believer in having fun, at work. He loved music, the Jersey Shore, technology, and his children. As seen is this classic 70’s pic, he also fancied himself an amateur barber. Bowl cuts were his specialty. Yeah for us.

Dad, we miss you, but carry your brightly lit torch every single day. xo

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Melissa Beretta
Badass Intern

A Staples High School graduate and rising sophomore at Duke University, Melissa Beretta returned to the northeast in the summer of 2015 to assume the role of intern at MadisonMott. A long-time lover of creative projects, this former maker of shoebox houses and one kick-ass washing machine Halloween costume (yes), now spends her time preparing to run the world. She explores the world of business as a member of Duke’s Association for Business Oriented Women and the Duke Marketing Club and molds young minds as a campus tour guide. In her free time, she hits the gym or heads back to the court to relive her past as a competitive tennis player.

Melissa’s interests range from knowing way too much about teenage TV dramas to keeping track of the upcoming presidential election. Her most fulfilling experiences include mentoring middle school girls in Durham, NC, singing Broadway tunes at assisted living homes around Fairfield County, and making the perfect batch of (totally not from scratch) cookies. We are still plotting how to kidnap her return.

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
MM Fan Club President
Mr. Moonhead
The Face That Started It All
Badass Intern