We're Hiring: Rockstar Project Manager

We’re Hiring: Rockstar Project Manager

We’re looking for a rockstar Project Manager to join our crew full-time. If you know anything about us, you know we’re like any quirky close-knit family with big dreams – we work hard, we have a good time, and we make some cool shit together. If the list below sounds like you wrote it about yourself, click on over to our application, tell us a little more about what a kick-ass human you are, and why you want to work with us.


  • You are meticulously attuned to details, with the memory of an elephant. Literally, you remember everything.
  • You have equal parts iron first and velvet touch. Must be able to comprehend underlying project context and flow in order to move projects forward in the right order, while understanding what can flex should the need arise.
  • While creative shop/agency experience is not required, you have experience in managing people and projects that have had some relevance to marketing (ie real estate development manager, or in-house marketing manager).
  • Organized AF. Ultimately, the wing-person in this role ensures that everyone else has all the things needed to breakthrough bottlenecks, ask smart questions, and efficiently ship really good, well-considered work.
  • You enjoy being in a supportive role and you can encourage a team through problem solving, all the while choreographing how the victory dance will look.
  • You like a good challenge, but you can you face it unphased, and with a thoughtful, kind, optimistic outlook.
  • You are capable of tracking small details and finding smart ways to check your own to-do list so nothing gets left behind, and to prove it you will write a short note when submitting your resume in which you mention your favorite teacher growing up, or your favorite song.
  • You know how to pass a baton with olympic-relay-runner talent – whether it’s between team members, or to a client. You love setting clear expectations for your team, and then ensuring that everyone has the right tools and time to surpass them.
  • You are passionate about producing good work, and at least a little obsessive about making sure everyone else is on their A-Game.
  • You are curious – insatiably so – and get excited about learning new things or teaching others about what you know, and you’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • While the institutional knowledge of our shop will come with time, our new rockstar will know the basics of how to set up the framework of a range of presentation types (Keynote preferred, but sometimes you gotta rock a PPT, Word doc, or classic old Excel file) and provide it to agency principles in an organized, ready to rock fashion.
  • You like surprises, but only when you plan for them. You are keenly aware of how moving pieces in a project affect one another, the team, and ultimately our ability to deliver great work on time.
  • You love digital tools, and are super quick to learn, use, and evolve with new ones – especially tools like Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Google Docs, Harvest, and Airtable.
  • You’re quick to respond to emails, calls, and text messages, and comfortable with being “on” for your agency leads and your team whenever needed – but you know how to manage workloads so no one ever works on the weekend or late into the night unless there’s a damn good reason.
  • You’ve probably worked in a larger organization of some kind, and you’re ready for more visibility, more responsibility, and more opportunities to share your ideas and energy with a smaller group.
  • You’re comfortable working on multiple large projects at a time, and can switch gears easily.
  • You enjoy being part of a team, and pride yourself on collaborative problem-solving, like being able to navigate by the stars at night or using a compass and map to find water so everyone stays hydrated and happy.
  • Your written command of the English language is top-notch, as are your verbal skills.

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