We're Hiring: summer intern / office assistant / general badass

We’re Hiring: summer intern / office assistant / general badass

We’re looking for a summer intern/office assistant/general badass to keep us all (temporarily) in line. Whoever snags this gig has big shoes to fill (Read Tales of an Intern Volume 1 for a sneak into just how big) but chances are good it might be you? If the list below is pretty much how you’d describe yourself to us, then apply here and we’ll chat. This position is full time (five days a week through the end of the summer, at our office in Bridgeport), and you’ll get paid too.


  • You are meticulously attuned to details.
  • You can handle lunch orders and party planning like a boss.
  • You are organized AF. It’s possible you have a certification in color coding, and you get really excited about organizing everything – from desks, to rooms, to shelves, to schedules.
  • You can help wrangle vendors – everything for calling for estimates to organizing delivery and pickup schedules.
  • You are capable of tracking small details and finding smart ways to check your own to-do list so nothing gets left behind, and to prove it you will write a short note when submitting your resume in which you mention your favorite band growing up, or your favorite ice cream flavor.
  • You like a good challenge, but you can you face it unphased, and with a thoughtful, kind, optimistic outlook.
  • You can make coffee. Well and often.
  • You can schedule conference calls, send calendar invites, and collate print-outs, all while setting up the meeting room, well ahead of time.
  • You can make a Fedex run faster than…Fedex.
  • You’re comfortable working on multiple large things at once, and can switch gears easily.
  • When we say office supplies, you say stocked up (because you’ll make sure they are.)
  • You’re never bored, because you’re always looking for ways to be helpful, even if it’s with something you haven’t done before.
  • You’re familiar with Google Docs, Keynote, PPT, Word, and Excel, and love learning other new online tools like Slack, Asana, and Harvest.
  • You are curious – insatiably so – and get excited about learning new things or teaching others about what you know, and you’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • You enjoy being part of a team, and pride yourself on collaborative problem-solving, like being able to navigate by the stars at night or using a compass and map to find water so everyone stays hydrated and happy.
  • Your written command of the English language is top-notch, as are your verbal skills, and your proof-reading skills aren’t shabby either.

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